Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wiring things properly helps

So my knowledge of how breadboards work or lack there-of may of been stopping me from adding more matrixes to my test system. I now have 3 working, although one only can show green as I'm waiting for more Max7219s. They should be here tomorrow, so hopefully I can get 5 (the amount I've purchased so far) matrixes up and running. I still need to figure out the solar system for the 3 signs on hill and how to add extra power after the arduino runs of of forward current to drive the matrixes. Hopefully I can find that threshold.

If anyone out there in internet land can help me with these calculations I would be greatly appreciatative. Here are the datasheets for all of the parts. AT Mega 328(Arduino), XBee, 8x8 Led, Max 7219.

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