Friday, February 12, 2010


Maybe it's the few beers or the sentimental feelings about my good friends that got engaged.  But I just read through my posts from the beginning and realized what a long trip it has been.  That light at the tunnel is steadily approaching and it actually seems like all of this hard work and discovery is going to pay off.  Not only in three weeks will I have my matrix sign system in place, but I will have map representation of Copper's trail status up and running (a trail map that I drew myself, by the way Mt. Bachelor also) two projects completed. I think this process has changed me as an individual and also changed my possible career goals.  I do know I will always want to be in the position to create things, to take one person's problem and find a solution.  Whether it's web based or physical the challenge is just as exciting.  So with great excitement and a sort of resentment, I quickly walk towards this looming deadline.  I imagine this is similar to when my Mom watched me leave for college. This thing you worked on for so long, leaving your area of influence.  It would be so much easier (mentally) never to set it out on the world.  Sometimes I fear that this discovery phase is over for me, but thankfully my switch from engineering in college to graphic design leaves me needing to learn quite a bit more in the future.  These projects have been an awakening for me, I enjoy the physical environment as much as the internet world (check this link for a super sweet and fun website I created...with the brilliant minds at Wexley School for Girls).  So, to new beginnings? We will not know.  But the  future will be fun and full of exciting ideas, and sweet photos and videos of leds.  Stay tuned.
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