Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Web Connected

So using AS3 Glue, I've been able to talk to the Arduino using flash. This allows me to load my XML file for trail status, parse it and send the data to the LEDs. I currently am showing the open closed status of 16 trails. Figuring using the arduino mega, and 74HC595 shift registers, I should be able to show the Open/Closed/Groomed status of 96 trails. This might get a little smaller to make room for wireless. Expanding to matrixes instead of individual LEDs or LEDs in parallel will add some other difficulties I'm sure. I could also replace the 74HC595's with a STP16C596 shift register and take 8 to 16, or run the matrixes with MAX7219CNG. More testing once some more parts get it. I'll get a video posted later today.

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